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Digitization Solutions

Our Digitization solutions and services ranging from simple Document Scanning to full-scale process automation and Document Management System.

Our document digitizing services have converted millions of small and large format documents and microfilm into digital records.

Our extensive industry experience and robust infrastructure help us lead the way in the document digitization industry.


Our Digitization Services include:

  • Document Scanning -   Scanning of all sizes of documents i.e. A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, A0+A1 in color/B&W/Gray scale.
  • X-Ray film Scanning - Scanning of X-Ray / MRI with high (radiology) quality, Scanning of Negatives, Scanning of Micro Films, Scanning X-Rays from film to disc in a variety of formats, Medical Records Scanning, Free Pick-up and Delivery in our local area, Large Scale Archiving. Scanning X-Rays to disc makes viewing and sharing your medical films as easy as viewing and sharing digital photos.
  • Answer Sheet Scanning – Scanning of A4, A3 & A2 Answer Sheets without cutting using our state of art Scanner.
  • MAP Scanning - Grayscale & 4 color Calibration, Microfilm scan & Color Magazine Cover Page etc.
  • Legacy Data Conversion - Data capture and digital imaging, digitization and conversion, full-text data capture, optical character recognition (OCR) & paper to Searchable PDF.
  • XML conversion services, Book conversion services, HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable PDF and MS Word format , Word RTF files, Word formatting services.
  • Data entry, indexing and metadata tagging. Document conversion services, File format  conversion services, Data conversion services.
  • Document Archival, Retrieval and long-term preservation Services using Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS).